Nick & Joe Jonas : Fishing expedition !

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Yesterday (March 28), John Taylor, Nick & Joe Jonas joined some friends for a relaxing day on a charter boat  for a little fishing expedition, in San Pedro Harbor.
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After The KCA, the fans mobilized on Twitter to show their support at the Jonas Brothers.

Yesterday, the fans made "2010YearOfJonas" in Trending Topic all the day.

They didn't win awards, but they won our hearts since long time ago.

Yesterday,To thanks to us,

Joe tweeted "We love our fans! We are going no where!
" and Papa Jonas tweeted too " Had fun at the KCAs. Thanks to everyone who voted. Your support means the world to us."

Later, Joe and Nick, tweeted  the same phrase over and over again "best day ever", and John Taylor retweeted them too.
After that, Nick tweeted "To those of you who were asking why it was the best day ever. It was the best because I know I have the best fans in the world. : ) "

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