Who's Jack Lawless?


Name : John Lawless

Nickname : Flawless , Ninja Bear

Born : September 20, 1987

Origin : Middletown Township,NewJersey


Occupations : Musician, Drummer, Jonas Brothers and Bulldozer band member.

Instruments : Drums





Jack Lawless is a member of the Jonas Brothers since early 2007. He replaced Alexander Noyes who’s now with Honor Society. 

He toured with the Jonas Brothers in the “Jonas Brothers Prom Tour” (June to October 2007), in the “Best of Both Worlds Tour” (October 2007 to January 2008), in the “Look me in the eyes tour” (2008), in the “Burning Up Tour” (2008) and in the “World Tour” in US and Europe (2009)


He and the other members of the band helped write and record music for the Jonas Brothers’ third CD, A Little Bit Longer, released in August 2008.




By Marie V


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