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Once again, hello from Latin America! Our next stop is Abu Dhabi, we are all so excited as none of us have been there before.

We have loved all of the different cities we have been able to visit on this tour.November is Diabetes Awareness Month so Bayer and I wanted to do something special, so I will be a part of a month-long feature on called Cambio Cares.

I understand how life isn’t always easy with diabetes, for me it can be a bit more complicated when I’m on the road for extended periods of time. It’s important to test and know your blood sugar level and what impacts it, like food and exercise.

On tour we have had the opportunity to stay cery active, most recently my brothers and I put together a soccer tournament with the entire crew.

I hope everyone had a great World Diabetes Day,  working together we can make a change, raise awareness and come closer to finding a cure.


My simple Win this month : Testing enough to properly manage my diabetes no matter where I am in the world . - Nick

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