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Nick has become a shining light for type 1 diabetes, a charismatic advocate and fundraiser, and a real star with whom youngsters with diabetes can identify and from whom they can take comfort.

On his Change for the Children Foundation: 'It started originally when I was doing some Broadway shows in New York City and seeing homeless families on the streets, and I wanted to do something for them. When I got diagnosed, the vision for the foundation changed a little bit to diabetes, oriented.

I still have diabetes and I'm probably going to have it for a while, unless there is a cure one day. You know, it's something that I'm passionate about, and I want to speak out about it. I've seen the effects it has on young people. They feel alone with their everyday struggles with diabetes, and they just want to have that assurance that they can live out their dreams with diabetes.

I play a lot of sports, that's the main thing. Baseball is a big one. I think if I wasn't doing what I am today, I would be playing baseball. Ping pong on the road also keeps you somewhat active.. Every day is different, so you have to be prepared for every situation, and have the right tools, and keep the right people around you who know what to do in emergency situations.'

He would really like to work with Paul McCartney, whom he describes as 'an amazing man and an amazing performer, and obviously he is quite a legend. It would be a pleasure playing with him. [On Broadway] There are a number of different roles I would like to play. It just would have to be the right time and the right thing. You never know where I might pop up.

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