Nick buys a Penthouse in Hollywood !

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Historically Challenged; Nick Jonas Can Do Without Jane Fonda, Jim Morrison

The youngest of the singing Jonas Brothers, 18-year-old Nick Jonas, just bought himself a $5 million-plus penthouse in Hollywood, Calif., and had it nicely furnished by a star of HGTV’s Design On a Dime.

He liked everything hot designer Kahi Lee put into the crib at The Residences at the W Hollywood — except for two photos on the wall.

“The only pieces he asked me to take down were the portraits of Jane Fonda and Jim Morrison,” Lee wrote on her Facebook page. “And I’m pretty sure it’s because he doesn’t know who they are. He was born in 1992 after all.”

Hard to believe Jonas wouldn’t know the deceased former frontman of The Doors or the sexy star of Barbarella!

But at least, according to Lee, the teenage ex-boyfriend of actress/singer Miley Cyrus has impeccable taste.


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