MTV: Jonas Brothers fans set up "camp rock" in central park !

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On Friday (August 13), the Jonas Brothers and the cast of Disney’s forthcoming “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” took to the “Good Morning America” stage in Central Park, where they performed a short concert for a crowd filled with rapturous fans.

MTV News caught up with a few people who were in the audience for the Jonas Brothers’ second “GMA” appearance this summer, including some fans who arrived as early as 2 a.m. in hopes that they would snag a good spot in the crowd.

Two friends, Alie and Rachel, were rhapsodic about the show: “It was the best experience ever, and they sang [their songs] perfectly, and they’re so hot,” said one of them. Their enthusiasm was heightened by the fact that they were close enough to get up close and personal with one of the brothers. “I got to hug Joe,” one said, with the other quickly adding, “And I got to touch his leg! ”

Alexa and Jen, who have been to multiple Jonas Brothers concerts, noted that this show was a change from what they were used to seeing. “It was different than what their normal concerts were, but that’s because it’s ‘Good Morning America,’ ” said one. “I liked that it was a lot of the ‘Camp Rock’ [material] with Demi as well.”

Many of the fans surveyed couldn’t pick a favorite song from the Jonas Brothers’ set, but some cited “It’s On,” from the “Camp Rock 2″ soundtrack, as one of the morning’s highlights.

Source: MTV News

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