Jonas Brothers...Mystery... :)

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Several weeks ago, a video appeared on Youtube  : 2twenty6ten . All fans were surprised by this video! what is it ? What is coming on February 26, 2010?

Video Here >>



Today, we don't know what is the video yet ... But, a new video appared : 4zero9ten!





The Jonas Brothers are preparing a big surprise, a new plan....


Now, we have to wait the April 19, 2010 another video! haha! The Jonas Brothers like surprises for sure!

They like keeping us waiting :) haha!


To stop the questions "Are they really the Jonas Brothers or a fake who put these videos?", the Jonas Brothers confirmed that on Twitter by their account of the band, the Nick's account and the Joe's account ! It' s really real !


Jonas Brothers on Twitter : "The video is real! We have a big announcement coming up that we are really excited about and this is just a sneak peak. Another video is coming on 4.19.10 with full details of our plan. This couldn’t happen without you guys. You are the best fans in the world! "




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