Joe & Nick Jonas: Tour Plans Revealed!

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Nick Jonas gives a big thumbs up as he leaves the Queen’s Theatre in London after another performance of Les Miserables on Tuesday night (July 13).


Big brother Joe was spotted out in Los Angeles picking up some munchies from M Cafe this afternoon as well.

JJJ recently caught up with the JoBros and chatted about their Camp Rock 2 themed summer tour. Kevin told us, “We had a meeting the other day about our stage and so what we’re telling people right now is we actually just approved all of, like Joe said, our blueprints (laughs). We came up with an idea and we really felt we hadn’t used video to it’s full potential yet during a live concert.”


He continued, “So we’re really taking that to the next step because we are going to have Jonas Brothers, have Demi, we have other Camp Rock friends as well on the tour. We have a lot of people there and use of production just by people and so for us, we would build, I’m talking 20 feet high video walls. Very, very large scale things. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.”


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