FFE is changing! New FFE website coming soon!

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The Fan Family Experience is changing :)

"Fan Family Experience is about to undergo some really big changes to make it a new and better experience for each of you!


Without any of you, the Fan Family Experience wouldn’t exist and we’re so excited to take you with us to the ONE place you can always depend on to answer all of your questions and give you nonstop entertainment from your favorite artists. Each one of you has made this a special home for all Jonas Brothers fans around the world and for that we thank you.


There are a few things that we want to be sure you know about the site while we do some updates for your personal experience:


When you log in next we are going to ask for you to create a screen name.


Any new users will not be able to sign up for a few months. But we want to encourage all of you that do have a log in to check back for updates and new content! We will keep you posted on when the new site will be going live and when new members are able to join again.


Your points are NOT going away! The new and improved site will still have all of your hard earned points with new ways to get involved."


" What you are looking at is not the final product. We are hard at work ramping up to launch the latest and greatest fan experience with all of your favorites right in one place.

Stayed tuned for great things that are to come! We will have updates for you and a countdown for when the new site will go live! The countdown to your new online world of entertainment has begun!"

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