Fans mobilized for Kevin when they read this article!

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Perez Hilton & his gossip are so pathetics...
So, Frankie said his favorite brother! But Frankie said he loves all three! The family is the most important for the Jonas!
Fans mobilized on Twitter against this false & stupid article! They made #welovekevinj since some hours already, to show their support & their love for Kevin! #welovekevinj is still in TT!


Let's go on Twitter to support Kevin too! He deserves our love!




Ha! Will no one admit that they like Kevin Jonas best?! (Or at all!)


Because the original trio of JoBros are getting kind of old, the Disney network decided to throw Frankie Jonas into their fold to attract a new generation of Jonas fans. The littlest JoBro starred in the boy's latest Camp Rock movie and so, he's been on the media trail, promoting the movie and tour.


One reporter asked Frankie to rank his brothers from his fave to least fave and wouldn't you know it, HE DID! According to Frankie, is favorite brothers are Nick, Joe and Kevin!


Yes, you are last Kevin, as per usual! It really shouldn't come as too big of a surprise!


Hey, someone ask his wife the same question and see what the answer is!

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