EXCLUSIVE: Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene's Relationship is Getting Serious

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Last night I got quite the surprise while out at a neighborhood bar in Jacksonville Beach, FL, when a friend of mine bumped into none other than local resident Ashley Greene (Twilight) and beau Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers).

Neither needless were too pleased and decided to distant themselves into a corner wall of the Ritz bar. The two were joined by two other couples, but were seemingly only into one another all night. Joe chose to sit away from everyone while Ashley was rubbing him in between heavy make out sessions. When they weren't making out or Ashley wasn't rubbing Joe, they were holding hands.

Apparently, neither were very pleased once they began to get noticed and people started to come up and request photos, so not long later they finally decided to leave.

Despite breakup rumors, these two are quite serious and Joe has been spending some quality time with Ashley and her family here in Jacksonville this weekend before she begins filming the new Twilight installment. A friend of Ashley's tells me tonight the two are even discussing marriage with the family.

Will Joe be the next to tie the knot??? I will keep you updated and an exclusive photo as I get it off my friends camera.


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