Demi Lovato’s Confrontation With Ashley Greene Over Ex Joe Jonas Revealed!

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Fed up and hurt over Joe’s new girl, Demi got in Ashley’s face while on tour with the Jonas Brothers — would you confront an ex’s girlfriend?

It seems like Demi Lovato’s recent entrance into a treatment center may have been caused in large part over a confrontation she had with ex Joe Jonas and his new girlfriend, Breaking Dawn star Ashley Greene. US Weekly spoke to a source who said, “Having Ashley around all the time drove Demi crazy. At one of the shows Demi got in Ashley’s face and went nuts.”



Demi was apprently trying to get ex Joe back but he was having none of it. It became a difficult situation for everyone involved and led to many “tantrums” from Demi.


This stress, among other factors, is likely what made Demi’s struggle with her cutting, weight issues, and rumored drug use more pronounced, leading to her departure from the tour to seek help.


Source ! Hollywoodlife

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