Concert for Hope : Setlist and News (03-20) !

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Still in love with you
Friday (Rebecca Black cover)
Fly with me
When you look me in the eyes
Burning Up


- Tickets still available for tonight! Check to get yours!
- Looks like the boys will be the first ones to go onstage tonight at 5pm PST.
- Cambio set up a Live Blog for today too, you can check it out here: (it starts at 3pm PST).
- 5.30 pm EST: JB Soundcheck!
- @joejonas: “turn up the lights in here baby” 
- 6.00pm EST: Soundcheck is over. Waiting 2 hours for the concert to start!
- 6.40pm EST: Doors to the venue are now open.
- 7pm EST: Fans are taking their seats.
- @joejonas: Gonna feel good to be on stage again.
- Show is running late.
- 8.30pm EST: Jonas are still doing their Meet&Greet.
- 8.50pm EST: JB onstage!!
- Frankie is on the left side of the stage!
- Joe is wearing a white denim jacket and a black t-shirt, with a black scarf and dark blue jeans. Nick is wearing black pants, a white t-shirt and a black jacket. Kevin is wearing a brown leather jacket over a grey t-shirt and what looks like black jeans.
- Kevin announced that Joe’s coming out with an album, and said “Girls, watch out, it’s gonna be crazy!”. CANNOT WAIT!
- Joe ran into the crowd during Paranoid!!
- Nick sang a little of “Friday” by Rebecca Black. HAHAHA!
- Nicholas’ jacket is off!
- @daniellejonas: Have fun boys at the city of hope show!! Love you Kevin rock out for all those fans that haven’t seen you guys in awhile <3 kisses
- Nick: “Jonas Brothers are growing strong, we love you with all our hearts.”
- Nick said we can expect more music from JB.
- 9.18pm EST: Burning up!
- 9.22pm EST: Big Rob onstage!
- @daniellejonas: Hey! Jonas fans start sending those pictures of tonight’s concert. I would love to see them since I couldn’t be there tonight :(
- 9.25pm EST: JB set is done. Next up: Allstar Weekend and then Selena Gomez & The Scene.
- @YungRyFunk: Show was awesome. We, we, we so excited.
- @joejonas: Show was awesome.
- @kevinjonas: Awesome show missed you @daniellejonas I was playing all the way to you tonight! Be home soon. Love u
- AlwaysAJonasFan is trending on twitter :0)
- @JohnLloydTaylor: Great show for City of Hope. Back home in my bed already trying to kick this sickness. #alittlebitlongerandillbefine
- @nickjonas: Awesome show! Thanks for this #alwaysajonasfan you are the best fans in the world.
- @joejonas: #allwaysajonasfan so cool! Thanks guys.
- @JackLawless: Fun show. Let’s play some more.



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