Camp Rock 3 confirmed !!

Publié le par Jonas's Girls has just been exclusively told that Camp Rock 3 is 99% happening, and will come out in a couple years if all goes according to schedule!!


After the Friday night opening success of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, Disney executives have already started reaching out to get everyone on-board for another (and final) sequel...


"They want to do one more... Camp Rock 3! They won't make an official announcement until everyone is signed, but they have already reached out to some of us... It's 99%! The third and final film will probably be released into theaters instead of on TV, and shoot back in Canada sometime next summer for a 2012 release. I'm excited to see what they do with all the new characters, and hopefully fans are too."

Camp Rock 2 pulled-in approximately eight million viewers its opening night (meaning it would have made around $63.2 million if released into theaters), which gives it the title as 2010's number one cable movie.


Are you excited for a Camp Rock 3?!


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