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August 17 th

i'm so happy and so excited by this news !!!!!!! Wowwwwwwwwwwww! AMAZING !!!!!!!!!

The Jonas Brothers read my story and it was approuved by them! :) I'm so touched by that! AWESOME!

My story is on your website!

My story :

My friend

When I was at school, there was a person who was affected by a mental disease. Everybody made fun of him. I was so sad for him because he didn't deserve it! People didn't understand that. I was the only to be kind with him and to defend him! Since this time, I stayed in contact with him. I'm proud of that because it's a proof of respect. It was so difficult for him to integrate himself in this class. It was all the time alone and nobody wanted to speak with him. It was very alone. And I was very happy to have to speak with him. Now, he met people who understand him and He found job. The mentality of everybody must to change. The persons who have disease are normal persons and live like everybody.
I proud of my friend because they crossed obstacle on his road. And now, he lives with his mental disease but he feels well and people are kind with him.
Thank you guys to permit me to tell you my story! It's so important for me! Thank you :)

By Audrey
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